MyWish Platform Partners with Binance to Migrate to Binance Chain

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The fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange Binance shows the successful implementation of its projects such as Binance Launchpad – an exclusive platform for conducting IEO. Where BitTorrent (BTT) token sale was completed in less than 15 minutes, received more than $7 million and the token price increased by 100 %. By the way, the price of the Matic Network (MATIC) token has grown by more than 500% after IEO.
Binance Chain and Binance DEX
Then, Binance launched own blockchain easily scalable with high capacity – Binance Chain. At the same time, Binance Coin (BNB) starts the migration to Binance Chain. During this announcement, the BNB rate with a capitalization of more than 4 billion dollars increased by 9000%.
Further, for trading Binance has launched an exchange on its blockchain – Binance DEX.
Thus, Binance has created the best-centralized exchange in the course of six months, and there is no doubt that Binance DEX will be the best-decentralized one shortly.
Therefore, certain projects have already migrated to the Binance Chain:
Atomic wallet (AWC)Now Token (NOW), Spendcoin (SPND) Mithril (MITH)
The last one takes rank 161 and has $27,628,903 of Market Capitalization. In addition, the rate of the MITH coin has grown by more than 30% after listing. Another project achieved a 300% increase in SPND token capitalization. It is impossible not to notice that the migration and listing affect the growth of prices and capitalization. All this suggests that the crypto community makes their reliance on Binance Chain and Binance DEX.
Let’s see who is next to be on Binance DEX
The MyWish Platform with approx $750,610 of market capitalization is unremarkable at first glance. Let’s dive into the perspectives of this partnership. What is known at the moment about MyWish that the platform allows any person easily to create and manage smart contracts that solve multiple real-life issues.
Proposal of the listing is already approved by Binance validators. The WISH Token will be listed before 12 June and will be tradable on Binance DEX.More than 100 projects and 7 000 people trust and use the platform, 5 500 smarts contracts are created.The MyWish project has the most strong core team consists of leading blockchain experts which publish Weekly Report and keep development deadlines. Proof: generates revenue. How many profitable crypto projects do you know?The first company to support smart contracts creation on Bitcoin (with RSK).Winner of TRON Accelerator as the first smart contract platform on the TRON blockchain. Partner of NEO: The first smart contract creator on the NEO blockchain and NEO Test net tools developer.Waves platform invests in MyWish to expand smart contracts accessibility.
More specifics of MyWish Roadmap you can find in the Binance application
Immediate prospects
Now the WISH token is at the 903 ranks, and for users to notice the project incredible effort is required. This means that projects with a weight list of achievements have a chance to be noticed and listed.
According to the rise in prices of tokens that migrated to the Binance Chain and increased capitalization after listing on the Binance DEX exchange. The MyWish platform expects new users, traders and an audience that is interested in projects that promote smart contracts into real life.
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