Tron’s [TRX] DApp prowess increases in May as Ethereum and EOS are left in the dust

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The cryptocurrency industry has seen multiple sectors develop over the past couple of months with Decentralized Applications [DApps] being a hot commodity among specific organizations.
The Justin Sun-led Tron Foundation has been one of the major organizations involved in spearheading the DApp revolution with the currently 12th raked cryptocurrency company possessing more DApps than its closest competitors, EOS and Ethereum [ETH]. This lead in the DApp department was also reflected in the Foundation’s latest tweet which said:
“According to @dapp_review, as of May 27, new #Dapps on #TRON #Blockchain accounts for 31.4%, which is the fastest growing one compared with new #Dapps of other chains in last week. #TRX $TRX”
The DApp review conducted showed that if the number of new chains was counted, then Tron had 16 DApps while Ethereum launched 15 and EOS only had 5 DApps. Many DApp analysts have pointed out that games are the most popular category on the DApp list and that was again evidenced when 20 gaming Daps were launched compared to the 6 gambling DApps.
The field of DApps has seen a phenomenal boom when it comes to usage as another report showed that Tron DApps actually saw more than 100,000 active users utilizing the applications. This happened at the same time that the coin overtook Ethereum and EOS transactions.
Misha Lederman, a popular Tron proponent had said:
“100k users is a major achievement for TRON since TVM launch Oct 2018, but will be a blimp on the chart in the coming months as more sophisticated DApps attract #TRX users in the millions.”
Tron was also in the news recently when it surpassed 3 million accounts in less than a year. The number of accounts/addresses had clocked at 3,004,564 with the month of May contributing to an increase of accounts anywhere between 9000 and 17,000.
The Justin Sun-led Tron Foundation […]
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Thursday January 01, 1970