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Altcoin lending

Start lending your cryptocurrencies for stable profit, up to 3.7% yearly. Don’t let your altcoins waste in offline wallets while you can make real interest from them.

Lending is possible for the following altcoins:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Tether (USDT)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Ripple (XRP)

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Altcoin Exchange for Profits

Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of money designed to ease the online users to make use of the internet for different purposes. The idea of the cryptocurrency exchange is so that the users can use them in ways that the hard cash can’t do. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. These do not rely on the centralized financial institution.
Instead, the transactions will be mediated by the computers of the users on the currency’s network. The computers which confirm the transactions will receive a small amount of currency as rewards. It is called as mining. This is how the cryptocurrencies are produced here. So, what they said that Cryptocurrencies are an entity from nowhere are totally wrong.
The cryptocurrencies are traded by the users in several ways. For those who want to profit, they can trade and exchange the currencies in the cryptocurrency exchange.
In case you are new to this opportunity, you will want to know the crucial things before investing in any cryptocurrency.
There are basically 4 characteristics of specific cryptocurrencies that are more promising: the market acceptance, verification process, capitalization, and the volume of transactions.
Market acceptance
In the market acceptance, you need to make sure that cryptocurrency that you are scouting is well-accepted in the market. For instance, you can go wrong with Ethereum exchange since a lot of retailers and users use this currency. A cryptocurrency is not prospective if there isn’t much of use of it. Some coins are built for meaningful purposes. If these don’t have the value, you better look for other cryptocurrencies.
The process of verification
The verification method is a crucial factor to determine the quality of the cryptocurrencies. If it is not safe, you will need to avoid this cryptocurrency.
Market capitalization
It explains the total worth of all coins currently in the market. Around the world, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is around $140 Billion (Early 2017 Data). The high market capitalization can dictate the value per coin of the cryptocurrency. It is important to see the market capitalization before deciding the cryptocurrency investment.
The trading volume
It is pretty simple to research on how much volume of the specific cryptocurrency that you are seeing. You could stick to the high demanded cryptocurrencies or the new cryptocurrencies which have a high volume of trading.
Proceed with caution
It is undoubtedly risky to invest in cryptocurrencies. It is important to know that the digital currency is in a very early phase compared to other commodities like stocks, golds, etc. It is extremely high-risk space. Therefore, you will need to do it with caution. Only use your spare money to start investing.
Exchange Bitcoin and other altcoins on Binance and Kucoin with lower fees and 20% trading bonus.

aelf – Decentralized Cloud Computing

AELF advertises itself as a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network. It is going to have commercial-scale performance, self-evolving capability and resource segregation and cross-chain communication.

Main features of AELF:

Self-evolving Main Chain and Side Chains
Highly efficient redundancy cross-chain communication
Main Chain + N Side Chains
Optimized ‘OS’ architecture
Fast transaction processing

Commercial applications on AELF – Establish business alliance (startup + corporate) to promote Blockchain innovation; Explore new business models with leading Consulting firms.
Grid Foundation is being set up in Singapore as the Governance entity for ælf. It will implement comprehensive management and governance model, fully compliant with regulations and laws in Singapore.
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Tips to Invest in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange is the latest trend in the online commodity market. The main objective of the cryptocurrency is to secure the transactions with an unbreakable code. Folks also love the idea that cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies, allowing them to get through the free market.
If you are interested in cryptocurrency exchange, here are some tips that you can consider.
Investing in altcoins is easy
The good thing about cryptocurrency exchange is that it is just the same as investing in any other commodity. You can see the cryptocurrency as an investment or an asset. That means you can sell and exchange.
Buy the crypto directly – click here to register on the most popular Altcoin Exchange
If you are looking to altcoins exchange besides Bitcoin, you can purchase these coins directly. There are a lot of options cryptocurrency exchange sites around the world. You will want to stick to the reputable sites to purchase the coins directly.
Use the opportunity for the low uses
We know that Bitcoin is the most popular crypto by far, followed by Ethereum. That makes the Ethereum exchange comes to a recommendation for investment. Let’s know the fact that only 2% of Americans use crypto for any fiscal necessities. It is a great news. That means the cryptocurrency exchange can be the promising investment in the future.
Billion US Dollars market cap
When Bitcoin plus altcoins exchange is combined, the market cap is more than 60 billion US dollars in the US itself. Imagine how much it will be around the world. The real-time usage of the cryptocurrencies has also gone up. That means the altcoins exchange can be following the Bitcoin trail in the future. Who knows, Ethereum will overcome the Bitcoin price in the future?
The cycle of cryptocurrency market
We have mentioned that only a few people use altcoins exchange as the way to earn money. Some folks overlook this option because they don’t see it as the golden opportunity. But when you carefully follow the growth of the market, the value will go higher from time to time. Not to mention that cryptocurrencies have gradually been prevalent in the businesses, governments, and society around the world.
Crypto to money – Binance exchange
Crypto is real money. The sweet benefit of having cryptocurrencies is that you can exchange it for conventional money. You can also exchange it for the other crypto to leverage the values.
Make it as your range of investments
Many people make the cryptocurrencies as their portfolio. You can do it too. You will be able to conduct cryptocurrency exchange anytime you want and make money when you need it

Legitcoin [LEGIT]

Legitcoin is a new altcoin which promises a free card for ATM cash withdrawal of Legitcoin or any cryptocurrency worldwide. During the ICO phase every new registered member is entitled to received free Legitcoins. 1 LEGIT is predicted to reach $70 by March 2018.

Roadmap and preditcions for Legitcoin:

Legitcoin Blockchain First Release
Internal Trading
Bittrex and HiBtC External Trading
Client API, Wallet, Web Apps
Native Apps: Android & iOS

Legitcoin ICO – token sale
The price of LEGIT changes day by day. It is better to join earlier to receive higher bonus and lower price for 1 LEGIT.
Price chart for Legitcoin

$0.50 until January 15, 2018
$0.85 – January 22
$1.20 – January 29
$1.55 – February 5
$2.00 – February 14 (Valentines!)

Market price is predicted to hit $70 in March 2018.
Legitcoin features:

Total token issue: 20,000,000
Start price: 1 DEC Token = $0.65
Amount to raise: $20M
Pre ICO start date: 9 January 2018
Pre ICO end date: 14 January 2018
ICO start date: 15 January 2018
ICO end date: 14 February 2018

No tokens will be issued after ICO. Undistributed/unsold tokens will be destroyed/eliminated after ICO.
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Bitcoin Prepaid ATM Card

Do you want to have a plastic or virtual card which can be used for ATM cash withdrawals and shopping? Here you can order a new Bitcoin Prepaid Card.
BTC plastic card for shopping and ATM withdrawals – main features:

Free worldwide delivery
Accepted anywhere major cards are
Low fees
Plastic Chip & Pin and virtual cards are available

Shop anywhere with our altcoin prepaid card. Altcoin prepaid card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use almost everywhere.
Cryptoccurency debit cards are available in USD, EUR and GBP. See card prices and fees below:

Card price

Standard worldwide delivery

Domestic ATM Transaction

International ATM Transaction

Foreign transaction fee

Monthly service fee

Loading fee

Click here to register and order your physical Bitcoin Debit Card for shopping and cash withdrawals in any ATM.

Minereum ICO – First Self Mining Smart Contract [MNE]

Minereum is the first ever self mining Smart Contract Token. Coins are generated on the fly with a mathematical formula.
Minereum goes back to the basics and attempts to bring a new mining approach to the cryptocurrency space.
Minereum brings the First Self Mining Smart Contract to the altcoin environment. Minereum now allows anyone to create their Ethereum Token for 10 MNE.

Symbol: MNE
Type: Ethereum token
Smart contract address: 0x1a95b271b0535d15fa49932daba31ba612b52946
How to Buy Minereum Tokens – a quick guide:

Open an account at Livecoin altcoin exchange
After logging in click on Balances on the top menu
Load your account with Bitcoin or Etherem by clicking on Deposit. Transfer your bitcoins or ethereum to the displayed address.
When your deposit is done, click on the menu Buy / Sell and select Trading
On the Search box type MNE, you will find two pairs MNE/BTC and MNE/ETH
Select the pair you wish for Trading and buy Minereum
To Withdraw, click on the Menu Balance, locate Minereum and click on WITHDRAWAL. Follow the steps, input your Ethereum Wallet Address and your MNEs will be transfered to your wallet shortly.

Minereum Mining Process
Mining in minereum is performed on the fly with a mathematical formula. The total coins created is 0.00032 MNE per Genesis Address and per ethereum block. As there are 4268 Genesis Addresses and as an ethereum block takes an average of 15 seconds, this is the aprox. MNE mined per day:
[TotalGenesisAddresses] * [RewardPerAddress] * [TotalEthBlocksPerDay] = Total coins generated per day
4268 * 0.00032 * 5760 = 7866.7776 MNE per day
As a comparison example: ​ethereum has a total of 5 coins created per block, which makes the total coins generated per day at 28800 ETH. minereum has a creation rate 72% lower than ethereum.

Back to Earth ICO link

Back to Earth – the future of storytelling. Back to Earth engages you in a transmedia experience that leads you on a journey to uncover the deepest secrets of our (un)reality. The interactive story unfolds through blogs, online communities, short stories, videos and social media.
Back to Earth has become one of the most successful film and media crowdfunds in HISTORY! We’ve raised over 600 bitcoin from close to 400 people just like you.
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What are StarCredits? They are the cryptographic token for the Back to Earth narrative. This digital asset enhances the user experience no matter the method or depth of engagement.

BackToEarth’s StarCredits have inherent value within the project and unlock clues, trigger events, verify elements of the story, and can be exchanged for other assets or commodities
When you participate in our crowdfund you become part of our community and part of our experience. Get your StarCredits now and prepare for the wildest ride of your life!