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Soft Garments ERPInventory Tracking System Software & Inventory Management Tools Inventory Management Tools Inventory Tracking System Software & Inventory Management Tools.
February 20, 2019 13 Comments 527 Views Inventory Management Tools.
We sale all types of Inventory Management Tools software in Bangladesh and abroad.
Contact us to purchase this software.
Emal: [email protected], Mobile: +880 1792525354.
After Purchasing our inventory management tools your can view all features.
The major inventory tools are listed belowInventory Tracking System Software & Inventory Management Tools.
Computerized Inventory Control System Pdf Manual.
Chemical Inventory Management System.
Clothing Inventory Management Software ERP for Sale.

Barcode Enabled Fabric Roll Tracking System Software

Inventory Tracking System Software.
Now we will describe about Inventory Tracking System Software that we have developed.
It is also called inventory control software/ Central Inventory softwareCreate Product GroupAt first we need to set product group.
IT is top name of a product.

Some products group name are given below-Printing and Stationary

Raw Materials.
General Items.
Finishing ItemFinishing Accessories.
Packing Goods.
Wash Item.
Printing and Stationary.

Create Sub Category After creating Product Group we will create sub category

The sub category will be created under Product Group.
For example  Printing and Stationary under this category we will create sub categoryGeneral Stationary.
Printing Stationary.
Create Products Name.
After creating Product Sub category we will create products name.
The products name will be created under Product Sub category.
For example.

General Stationary is Sub Category


General Stationary the flowing products may createArrow Sticker

Aerosol Spray.
Adhesive Sticker.
Ararut powder.
Ball Pen.
Box File.
Board Chalk.
Both Side Tape.
Board Duster.
Clip Board.
Carbon Paper.
Coat Brush.
Container Seal.
Denim Pen.
Drawer lock.
Emary Paper.
Elastic Roll.
Elastic rubber.
Fluid Pen.
File clipe.
File Tag.
Glue Gum.
Glass Pencil.
Set scale.
Grading scale.
ID Card Clip.
Jems clip.
Leather Board.
Lico Plast.
Magazin File.
Magic Chalk.
Marker Pen.
Manola Board.
Marking Board.
Maskin Tape.
Master Gum.
Measurement Tape.
Millat Powder.
Montex Pen.

Head Office/Central ModuleCentral under Stock

Purchase Due Payment.
All Purchase View.
Challan to Other Unit.
Purchase Requisition.
Purchase Order.
Other Unit Return Receive.
Central to party return.
Central to party return view.
Purchase Invoice.
Purchase/Stock In.
Purchase Payment.
Challan View Other Unit wise.
Purchase statement.

Sales Details (Other Unit wise)

Export Ledger.
ReportCentral Stock Status.
Operation Summary.
Other Unit Sales Details.
Sales Report Print.
Purchase Statement.
Export Ledger.
Rating of Goods.
All Purchase View.
All Challan View.
Party Return View.
Purchase Summary Report.
Date Wise Purchase Report.
Supplier Payment Report.
Suppliers date wise purchase Report.

Supplier or Company info details Report

Inventory Order, Reorder level Etc.
Shop/Sales Module:Sales Goods.
Manually Barcode (Barcode Reader Sales Management and Tracking).
Print Sales Invoice.
Under Stock.

Other Unit Requisition (Create Requisition to Central)

Change Product.
Return to Central.
Other Unit return View.
Sales Statement.
Expense Head.
Expense EntryReportOther Unit Stock.
Other Unit Sales Details.
Shop Sales Report.
Shop Return View.

Rating of Goods (Most Saleable Product)

Other Unit Wise Invoice Challan

Sales Discount.
Sale through Cash/Card.
Sales Summary Report.
Date Wise Sales Details Report.

Sales Product Return/Change Report

Company Information/Supplier /Vendor Information/.
Product Category.
Product Unit.
Product Entry.
Product Reorder (Threshold Value).
Product/Goods list.
Stock Goods Shop.
Stock Goods Central.
Company Transaction:.
Collection Entry.
Bank Transaction.
Cash Transaction.
Transaction Report.
Current Asset.
Company Cash.
Individual Bank.
Bank all Transaction.
Inventory (Stock Status):.
Other Unit Wise Stock Summary.
Product Wise Stock Summary.
Style Search.
Reject Goods.
Return Goods.
Receive Goods.
Stock Report.
Stock Ledger.
Label Indicator (Defined for each and every product when the product under the minimum label of stock).
Category Wise Stock Summary.
Supplier Wise Stock Summary.
Tags Inventory Control System He is Top Class in bd based on Google Yahoo Alexa Moz analytics reports.
He is open source for RMG Industry.
He is certified IT Professional from Aptech, NCC, New Horizons & Post Graduated from London Metropolitan University (External) in ICT.
To Hire his service and Him Email- [email protected], Cell# +880 1792525354 WMS System Warehouse Management Software Supplier and Vendor Management Process Software for Sale.
Anis @ Kepzone September 14, 2019 at 7:38 am Thanks for your post.
Can I see the demo of your Inventory Management Software.
Reply September 14, 2019 at 9:00 am Please Give me your office details and your mobile number Reply.
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working sketch, specifications, and construction details of the garment to be made.
Materia… 2020/01/30.
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