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How BANKEX is Driving a Digital Finance Transformation with Blockchain

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It might be hard for the younger generation to believe, but there was once a time when people were not able to buy online. However, Amazon once digitized goods to change the way we did our shopping. Today, online shopping has become a natural part of our everyday life, saving consumers both time and money. Now is the time to digitize deals between two persons from different corners of the Earth on blockchain. Similarly, with online commerce evolving to include cryptocurrencies, BANKEX is developing its Digital Deal to bring public confidence to the world of cryptocurrency.
Online Shopping
In modern society, no one bats an eye when purchasing or selling items when they see the Amazon logo behind the payment service. However, security of in online purchasing wasn’t always the case. At one point, it was a challenge for consumers to trust that some retailer in some far-flung location on the globe would actually send the thing they had said they would. Similarly, it was hard for retailers to be sure that they could have faith in receiving the payment from the customer.
This all changed with the advent of services like Amazon Pay. Instead of money being handled by some unknown provider that may or may not have its clients’ best interests in mind, now small online shops could bring faith to their transactions by implementing a service from a trusted name. Also, for the more skittish individuals, there was also an escrow service included, so the world of digital finance expanded and confidence grew in the system. began by selling books. Once having digitized goods, it is now the go-to site for online shoppers and merchants alike. A titan of e-commerce, logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media.
The Growing Cryptosphere
The cryptosphere now finds itself in a similar situation to that of e-commerce back in the early 1990s. A problem today with cryptocurrency is that there is no established recourse by which someone who is not satisfied with the service can take in order to rectify the situation.
And, more than this, some crypto services cannot be purchased in fiat from someone you can meet in person, to sign a contract or invite a lawyer. The only thing you can hope for is that an anonymous wallet holder from the other part of the planet will be a good guy. In a better situation, you may find information about the other person’s wallet transactions; however, there are still no guarantees that you won’t become a victim.
Why Amazon pay isn’t the answer?
Unfortunately, there is a problem with trying to apply the Amazon model to the cryptosphere. The crux of the issue is that Amazon’s solution was a centralized one that depended on the reputation of the company itself, first and foremost. While its escrow service was indeed a transformative measure within the burgeoning world of digital finance, the service mostly functioned based on the derived trust consumers already had in the e-commerce giant.
Obviously, this system is inappropriate for decentralized cryptocurrencies. And, more importantly, while Amazon is the best e-commerce company, there still needs to be a similar solution for the new deals and the new currency if it is to develop and change digital finance to the degree crypto evangelists promise.
Enter BANKEX Digital Deal
BANKEX Digital Deal is a set of applications that were developed to solve the above-mentioned issue. Every single step of a deal occurs on a level of pure code, meaning that the solutions and the currency function with symmetric logic, and the systems foreign to the cryptosphere aren’t imposed. In addition, unlike Amazon, BANKEX’s solution is not further centralization of trust in a third party – it goes in the total opposite direction. No longer do individuals have to rely on others to carry out the required actions – all trust can be placed in the focused programming that isn’t affected by human capriciousness or subterfuge.
Robust Systems
BANKEX Digital Deal is a suite of products that allow clients and contractors to offer each other the necessary guarantees so they can work together without intermediaries.
The deal starts by creating something similar to a regular contract. BANKEX Trust allows two parties to sign a set of terms and conditions with the private keys from their wallets. They then attach whatever files they need to document their agreement, and record it to the blockchain. This serves as unfalsifiable proof that both parties entered into the contract, thus, holding them accountable in case of a dispute.
After the contract is signed, the client deposits funds into an Escrow wallet. The contractor sees that their payment is waiting for them, and then gets to work. When the contractor delivers, the client releases the payment. BANKEX Escrow keeps both parties reassured that everything is working as it should.
Of course, issues do arise, whereby, the provider and the client disagree with what occurred. However, when a dispute does arise, users can start a case in Smart Justice – BANKEX’s decentralized arbitration platform.
For any case pending on Smart Justice, enough independent arbitrators will be randomly selected so that the Law of Large Numbers puts overwhelmingly statistically-likely justice on the side of the wronged party. The arbitrators can examine each party’s existing record of disputes, look at the materials attached to an agreement created in Trust, and view whatever additional materials the parties to the dispute provide.
The Next Step for Digital Finance
BANKEX Digital Deal is a complete end-to-end business ecosystem that blockchain needs to grow out of from its transitional analog-to-digital stage. With the evolution of finance from fiat to crypto, the systems enabling its processing online also need to evolve.
BANKEX Digital Deal is a secure, robust solution that will take digital finance to its next crypto stage – one of public confidence and widespread use. Best of all, BANKEX doesn’t charge the 5+ percent commission that centralized platforms do, so using this new, world-changing systems, decides being simple, is also inexpensive.
BANKEX is a global top-20 fintech company. We are developing the Proof-of-Asset Protocol to bring Banking-as-a-Service product modules and blockchain together. Our complete PoA ecosystem enables the digitization, tokenization, and exchange of assets for the full development of a tokenized global ecosystem. BANKEX infrastructure services and technologies include STO framework, Custody Service, BANKEX Token Exchange, Ethereum Plasma Prime, Supply Chain, and Digital Deal.
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‘First’ Collectible on Two Blockchains: ‘The Cutest Crypto Game’ Now Available on EOS

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Blockchain Cuties, a decentralized crypto collectible game operating on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, has announced that it is now available on EOS. The developer company says the new step makes Blockchain Cuties “the first game which officially supports two blockchains simultaneously.” This is supposed to make transactions faster and the players can now breed both ETH and EOS-based cuties.
Non-fungible tokens support
The game announced that from now, players can log in to the game using their EOS Wallet and start breeding their first EOS cuties. Blockchain Cuties says importing the private key will take less than a minute – after entering the system the private key will be secured by storing locally. In order to start the game, the players should allocate CPU/Bandwidth and RAM – the resources that users have in the EOS blockchain. The company says that the amount of staked tokens can be “unstaked” at any time.
One of the main reasons why Blockchain Cuties decided to implement the EOS blockchain into the game was the non-fungible tokens support that the platform provides. “There are not many blockchain platforms that support such digital assets,” the company says. All the crypto collectibles, or Cuties, are non-fungible tokens that are unique and have cryptocurrency value. These tokens are represented as pets and cute animals that players can buy and sell to each other, or trade on the in-game marketplace. The players can also breed their own fantasy creature by adding mutations which makes their Cutie more expensive.
“Record-breaking” scalability feat
The company says another reason for the cooperation with EOS’ blockchain was its transaction speed, mass adoption and “record-breaking” scalability feat which could solve the scalability issues.
EOS is one of the first cryptocurrencies that implemented the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The company hopes that this technology will allow the platform to enhance scalability up to “millions of transactions per second.”
Cuties as a trend
Blockchain Cuties was officially released in April 2018. It became a part of the decentralized crypto games trend started with the launch of CryptoPunks, the first blockchain game ever made, in June 2017. The developers offered to the players to collect, bid and sell digital punks. A few months later, in November 2017, CryptoKitties took over by creating their own market and valuable assets — crypto cats. The developers invented a pioneering approach — making Ethereum networking lag. As the result, CryptoKitties broke the record of a million unique virtual kitties which players bred. The most expensive asset was sold for more than 600 ETH, or about $170,000.
Blockchain Cuties became part of the next collectible games’ boom. They expanded the breeding feature from the kitties to other animals including lizards, puppies, bears, and fantastic creatures. Each non-fungible token has its unique genome that players decode, and each unique feature increases the price of the token.
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Multi-blockchain Battler: Crypto Game Allows Warriors To Get Equipped From Two Platforms

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Crypto game developer 0xGames, creator of blockchain-based space strategy 0xUniverse has created a new multi-blockchain competitive battler, titled 0xWarriors. The company says that 0xWarriors is one of the first multi-blockchain based games where players can use different blockchains, starting with EOS and Ethereum, for interactions with each other and equipping their characters.
EOS sword and ETH shield
0xWarriors is a multiplayer game where users can fight, take part in weekly tournaments and equip themselves with different items that they collect or trade in an internal marketplace. 0xGames announced that 0xWarriors will be launched on the EOS platform first, and the Ethereum blockchain platform will be connected to the game in upcoming months. According to the game developer, this will make 0xWarriors one of the first multi blockchain-based games on the market.
0xGames says that normally multi-blockchain games have a divided player base and users can’t really interact between each other within the game or exchange assets between blockchains. “0xWarriors has a true approach to multi-blockchain,” the company said. That means that users can obtain different items for their warriors from different blockchains. For example, they can possess an EOS sword and an ETH shield. 0xGames promises that it won’t matter on which blockchain the tokens are located – players will be able to use all digital assets at any time.
0xGames believes that the combination of the two ecosystems will unite two different audiences into one game world where the players can trade playable items. They announced that there are five warriors in one squad, and each user can have up to 10 squads. The warriors are free but the equipment needs to be won or purchased. Using these items, players can uniquely style their characters and each item also has unique attributes that enhance performance in battle.
Live public tournaments and free chests
0xGames plans to keep the player base active and entertained by organizing private and public multiplayer tournaments. Those tournaments will be live-streamed on platforms like Twitch or blockchain alternatives. The final three participants will get special bonuses, a percentage of the revenue collected from the event and free chests with items. Armors, items, and warriors differ by a variety of parameters. For example, items have four different levels of rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary. There are eight types of armors, including light, heavy, one and two-handed weapons, bows, wands, and shields. Warriors are sorted by strength, damage, resistance, intelligence, and dexterity. If the player’s squad wins the battle, the player can get attribute points, which are used for improving individual parameters of their warriors.
0xGames has promised to release the detailed roadmap of the project after the presale is completed. Currently, users can buy chests that include three random items like light, heavy or one-handed weapon or bows, wands, and shields.
0xWarriors has partnered with Asia-based companies such as Meet.One, an crypto wallet and block producer, and TokenPocket, a crypto wallet, to help grow the user base after the game increased in popularity since its’ launch. A presale of the company’s tokens is currently open.

About the game developer
The 0xGames’s team started to work together in November 2017. Their first product was 0xUniverse, a game powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where players can colonize planets in a 3D-rendered galaxy. After successfully launching 0xUniverse, the company announced new games 0xBattleships and 0xWarriors.
Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

Wings Mobile: Launch of the first Smartphone that Mines Ethereum

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“Wings Mobile”, a Spanish virtual mobile operator and manufacturer of innovative smartphones incorporating proprietary technology to guarantee security and privacy, along with “Neobit”, which is a technological startup specialized in protocols and new cryptographic extraction technologies based on blockchain, significantly united in a Joint Technological Venture, acknowledged across the world through ICO BITWINGS; proudly the first ever phone that allows to produce up to 2 Ethereum per month: the Wings
This new and innovative device grants the Miner up to two Ethereums per month, and, until now is the only mobile terminal that incorporates special software which allows the production of the second most important cryptocurrency in the world.
Wings WX uses POD technology (Proof of Data) which essentially has the potential to mine up to 1,000 Mega Hash, essentially corresponding , for the less technological ones, the vital production of 2 ETH per month. Moreover, the operation is very simple, even for the beginners who step into the world of cryptomining. The WX is connected through a Smart Contract and receives a daily reward according to the mining power that had been previously contracted. Using the DDR (Doppler Data Rate) protocol through an Internet connection and depending on the connection hours, the Ethereums are deposited directly into the customer’s Ethereum wallet. The POD system (Proof of Data) is responsible for generating and creating coins for the user, making it the only system capable of mining by and for the user effortlessly.

Wings has developed a pioneer terminal in the market, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding user. Not only are new users granted the privilege to practise technologies already in use by the Blockchain, but also Wx offers the user all the services offered by the highest-end Smartphone, hence does not only perform cryptocurrency mining. It is manufactured with first quality materials that incorporates the most advanced technology for it. Glass and steel are encarved to give it an elegant and distinguished appearance, while being resistant and durable simultaneously. It also mounts a MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core chip that guarantees optimal performance for all your mining functions and special thanks to the latest generation software developed by Wings Mobile, the WX allows you to make completely secure calls, enjoy surfing, chat and in fact everything we can ask a prodigy of technology that is destined to arrive in April 2019 and is predetermined to be the pioneer in a sector that is increasingly widespread in the world of Cryptocurrency and more specifically in Ethereum.

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Its technical characteristics (8 Gb of RAM and 128 of ROM), its autonomy (600 hours in standby and 24 in conversation), its weight (168gr) and the photographic quality comparable to 98 Mpx (through its two cameras of 24 and 16) Mpx and its software developed to achieve such high quality), already guarantee a relevant space in the next Mobile World Congress 2019, to be held in Barcelona (Spain) where Wings mobile will be stationed at Hall 6 presenting all the news of its new Smartphones.

One of the fundamental pillar for Wings Mobile is the security and privacy of its customers and therefore, it integrates the new “Neural Tech” technology that guarantees the possibility of making completely secure encrypted calls, as well as is able to optimize the energy load of the WX in only 45 minutes. This technology immediately recognizes objects and scenes, detects anomalies in the network and also determines the improper use of part of installed applications. The native service “Secure Call 2.0” is able to protect our calls by means of a triple security encryption that makes the VOIP audios that circulate through the Data circuit absolutely impossible to intercept!
The WX makes use of the biometric recognition of the face incorporated in an exclusive technology called “Neural Face ID”, which not only recognizes the legitimate user of the phone, but also allows to simulate the phone menu based on who is using it. To clarify the concept better, if a user is accessing the phone being in the company of another person, the Neural phase ID (of the face) immediately recognizes the presence of the second or third person and, depending on the configuration indicated by the user, shows a menu of different applications according to the configuration established by the user.
Wings WX will be produced in only 40,000 units in limited edition and numbered, with a special price (6,000 BTW) which is exclusive for the participants in the ICO BITWINGS. Projected delivery is in April 2019, and reservations are now available only on the website and also at
Even before its launch, the WX has become a must-have for the most experienced ones in the world of Cryptocurrency and this opens a door for those who want to enter the Crypto world and their knowledge is effortlessly modest because the WX does it all for them!
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Company Name: Wings Mobile Telecom SL
Contact Person: Ral Lloveras Marcos
Email: Send Email
Phone: +34 679 572 314
Country: Spain
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Santiment to Incorporate New Ethereum Mining Metrics (Pools Analysis)

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Santiment, a platform that mainly focuses on sharing cryptocurrency insights, accessing data, and learning everything about the crypto markets for smarter investing, recently partnered with cyber•Drop.
The partnership aims at creating customized mining-related metrics functional on the Ethereum network. An accurate, comprehensive overview of the ETH mining ecosystem was necessary to start the development phase of the project.
The analysis of the many intricacies of Ethereum mining pools was done by cyber•Drop developers. They also researched miner transactions, reward distribution, and other closely-related topics.
The findings are important since they will work as foundations for the upcoming mining metrics on Santiment. Here’s some of the most crucial insights.
Ethereum Mining Pools Analysis
The time frame focused for analysis begun with the launch of the ETH network rising to block 6,781,512 that was created on November 27, 2018.
The mining pools received a lifetime cumulative total of 0.4M ETH in transaction fees and 31M ETH in rewards during that period. A total of 4,700 addresses got a mining reward in the entire focused Ethereum lifespan.
Nonetheless, not all mining pools get developed uniformly. Reward inequality exists with the top 3 pools grabbing over 50% of all available mining rewards.
Reward Distribution among ETH Mining Pools. cyber•Drop chart.
Some pools remain largely unchanged for even months after getting established early on into the network launch. It is noteworthy that the mining rewards are the key sources of inflow for the mining pool balances.
But, non-reward transactions to these pools are also significant capping at approximately 4M ETH across the whole network. Most incoming transactions mirror outgoing flows with the cumulative balance of the pools facing a constant decline lately just like the ETH market capitalization.
The combined balance of all mining pools has declined from the 1M ETH peaks at the start of 2016 to just 0.2M ETH currently. Nevertheless, most of these pools control a considerably larger amount of funds in their hot and cold wallets.
The mining pools can further get subdivided into two unique groups based their outgoing transactions’ average value.
Those with less than 10 ETH account for 82% of lifetime mining rewards and a total of 91% in the last year. The pools with more than 100ETH account for 11% of all lifetime mining rewards and a mere 8% in the last year. The recent cyber•Drop focuses on the group with less than 10ETH.
Ethereum Miners Analysis
The miners’ transaction volume remains significantly stable over a long period with an average tx volume ranging from 15K to 20K ETH/day.
ETH Mining Pools: Combined Transactions Value. cyber•Drop chart.
On the other hand, the outgoing transactions feature strong outliers. The maximum outgoing tx volume was recorded as 125K ETH on July 19, 2016. Miner balances are increasing constantly contrary to the mining pools balances.
Their 1M ETH balance amounts to approximately 5% of all lifetime mining rewards. HODLers account for just 2% of all mining rewards but claim up to 40% of their total balance.
The DAO hardfork of July 20, 2016, impacted the cumulative balance of Ethereum miners considerably.
The 2017 Bull Run set up a ‘balance rally’ that has endured until today in spite of the recent downward correction.
New Ethereum mining metrics will get incorporated into the Santiment platform according to many results from previous researches conducted by cyber•Drop.
The new Ethereum mining metrics are expected to join Santiment’s newly-launched ‘ETH Gas Used’ dashboard.

Boost VC Issues Call for Crypto Startups

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Technology startup accelerator Boost VC has announced that it is accepting applications from crypto startups to join Tribe 12, its latest accelerator program cohort. Since 2012, Boost VC has graduated several cohorts with more than 75 crypto-related projects including prominent blockchain projects like Etherscan, Aragon, and MyCrypto.
According to the announcement, which appeared in a Medium post, the company is seeking to invest in blockchain startups that provide solutions for cross chain functionality, front end blockchain solutions, crypto team building and maintenance, and general blockchain scaling.
‘Missing Puzzle Pieces’
Boost VC describes its investment focus for Tribe 12 as an attempt to fill in missing pieces in the blockchain and crypto adoption puzzle from an infrastructure point of view. While investors like Goldman Sachs continue to grab headlines with eye-catching investments in startups focused on crypto custody and trading solutions, Boost VC is taking its investment from a wider perspective, seeking out startups that can build nuts-and-bolts blockchain solutions such as cross-chain navigation interfaces and management solutions for the peculiar challenge of distributed crypto teams.
Applications are welcomed from startups interested in creating decentralised frameworks for commerce, communication and government similar to ConsenSys, but operating on other non-Ethereum blockchains. According to Boost VC, the goal is to explore studio builder models for quick iterations on bringing crypto mainstream. Boost VC is also looking for projects focused on the creation and management of crypto teams, which come with the unique and unprecedented challenge of being almost entirely remote, contractor-heavy instead of employee-based, and having the near-instant liquidity offered by crypto payments, which creates a different incentive model from traditional startups.
In addition, projects that create cross-chain interfaces outside of custody, exchange and wallet solutions are particularly prized for investment. This is because Boost VC sees such projects as essentially land grabs offering the opportunity to build a blockchain interaction utility that can be recreated across the other top 5 – 10 blockchain networks.
The company also says it is looking for the “Coinbase for other blockchains/dapps” as well as a possible solution for legal gambling that takes advantage of differing regulatory environments across jurisdictions. Country-specific custody solutions and security trading solutions are also mentioned.
An excerpt from the announcement reads:
“Regulatory arbitrage plays. We invest globally. Therefore we will look at teams using certain jurisdictions to their advantage. Areas of legal gambling. Custody designed for specific countries. Trading securities.”
Projects working on such solutions are encouraged to apply to Boost VC’s Tribe 12 accelerator batch.
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